Canada’s credit unions are vital competitors in the Canadian financial services industry. CUCC is a national organization dedicated and committed to the growth and sustainability of credit unions in Canada. We are responsible for managing contracts with payments suppliers, payments strategy, network compliance and operational and project support, on behalf of those credit unions. CUCC was one of the founding members of Interac and is currently one of its primary shareholders. Through CUCC’s participation at Interac, credit unions are able to access Interac shared services and key payment products such as e-transfer.

Our team provides strategic and operational payments support and expertise to the credit union system by:

  • providing operational and strategic committee support;
  • managing national Mobile Wallet and ATM programs;
  • performing critical security and compliance activities; and
  • facilitating the development of new payments products and services for credit unions.

Security, Compliance & Operations

Does your credit union understand your obligations to industry regulations and standards? Our team is here to:

  • support credit union participation in payment networks (e.g. Interac and VISA), and manage critical security and compliance activities on their behalf;
  • identify and document credit union obligations to industry regulations and standards, published as Credit Union System Regulations, Standards & Procedures, and other templates and forms on the CUCC website; and
  • manage the annual Compliance Self-Assessment program.

Card Standards

CUCC manages the National Debit Card Graphics and Technical Specifications, and works with credit unions to ensure debit, digital and co-badge card designs meet network guidelines.

Information Management

The Credit Union Information Portal (CUIP) is an online database of information for credit unions and regional Centrals. CUIP is managed by CUCC and was developed to support the credit union system’s information and reporting requirements, including compliance reporting to payment networks (e.g. Interac, VISA and MasterCard).

Mobile Wallets

CUCC is the Program Manager for the Mobile Wallet Program available to Co-operative Node credit unions. Mobile wallets allow members to pay in-stores, in-apps and online with INTERAC Debit using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

National ATM Program

The goal of the Program is to provide a solution to move credit union ATMs to a single provider – Diebold Nixdorf – with the benefits of improved pricing, standard hardware and software solutions, and streamlined certification.

Buyer Protection & Extended Warranty (BPEW)

BPEW is offered by CUCC in partnership with CUMIS. Every time a member makes a retail purchase from their insured credit union account, the item is protected (including: stolen, dropped, broken, or consumed by fire) for 120 days after the purchase. The program also doubles the warranty period of a purchased item up to two years, as long as the manufacturer’s warranty is valid in Canada for five years or less.

Strategy & Committees

Our team works closely with system committees and boards that are mandated to focus on new payment products and services, fraud management, operational effectiveness, and security and compliance. These groups include:

  • Node Operations Committee (NOC)
  • Management Advisory Committee (MAG)
  • LCUC CIO Group
  • LCUC Cyber Security Group

CUCC also represents the interests of credit unions on various Interac advisory and risk management groups, partner service committees and working groups.

Fraud Management

CUCC works with key partners including Interac, Central 1, PPJV and Everlink to ensure availability of fraud monitoring, management and prevention solutions that protect credit unions and your members from card and online fraud such as:

  • Automated Hot Card (AHC)
  • Fraud Alert Service (FAS)
  • Country Block & Travel Notification (CBTN)

CBTN helps credit unions manage international debit card fraud by blocking debit cards from use in high risk locations.

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