Our team is deeply committed to working closely with credit unions and system partners to provide strategic direction and operational support for Canada’s credit unions.

  • Andrew Wilczynski, Executive Director
  • Jmee Lynn Waszkiewicz, Vice President, Operations and Transformation
  • Kristin Haiduk, Director, Programs
  • Melanie Lee, Director, Programs
  • Irene Villaverde-Aquino, Compliance Officer
  • Niamh Cotter-Schmid, Security Officer
  • Lisa Haverstock, Manager, Programs & Implementations
  • Mishonna Lohmeyer, Payments Analyst
  • Anita Hendrickson, Payments Administrator
  • Taylor Balkaran, Program Support Coordinator
  • Trish Csunyoscka, Program & Implementation Coordinator
  • Anne Burton, Executive Assistant

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